Never too late…

July 2021

You think about going to a whole food plant based way of eating for your health, but you don’t. 

Now I’ll give you this cookbook to play with. It’s like having a new toy! I never used to read the Foreword or Introduction in a book, but do it in this one even if you never read the rest of the book. I don’t believe you’ll be able to skip the rest of this colorful and these delicious recipes. I learned so much from this cookbook. Ann and Jane Esselstyn even put demos on YouTube ! So much fun to watch.

I’ve invited friends over to make the S.O.B. Veggie Burgers and had loads of fun.

The reason I continue eating this way is because as I got older, I was scared of debilitating diseases. I don’t want to be diminished by poor health. Recently, I have lost family and friends to heart disease. You do know it takes years to develop heart disease. It just doesn’t happen all of a sudden like a cold or sore throat and will go away in a couple days. I am convinced you can start living a way to avoid heart disease. 

My main reason is to not have this happen to anyone you or I know. On the 2nd of September 2020, I lost my nephew to a widowmaker heart attack when he was just 48. It happened so suddenly!  I am convinced it didn’t have to happen. A huge emptiness was left in the hearts of his family, my sister (his mother) and her two daughters, his wife and four children, all the people he came in contact with through coaching, work, neighbors and me. 

The younger you are the better the time to start. I ate high fiber brown rice, granola along with my wealthy diet which included butter, sour cream, milk, chicken, fish and other meats along with fruits and vegetables. Later in 2011, I started avoiding meat, dairy, cheese, ice cream and other high fat foods when I was 69 and wish I’d started when I was a lot younger! You’re lucky, you can start now!

I beg you to consider the situation that you are in and make a healthful choice. We all have our own personal demons that run our lives in the background. The “I don’t want to”…ideas. Can you tell them to be gone and do something kind and beneficial for your life? 

P.S. There are other reasons to go WFPB…like diseases that take a long time to develop- cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other annoying and scary health problems.

Until the next sketch, peace, get the vaccine and be well, Heather

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