Open Studios Tour 2016…

This year, a very exciting opportunity presented itself. The ArtsObispo Open Studio Tour happens every October and I jumped at the chance.

Postcard invitation

Word got around that I was new to this, so I was interviewed by Crissa Hewitt and Steven deLuque for our local PBS station They are artists in their own right and were so nice to ask me questions that truly took me to the source of why I make pictures. You may listen live at 1PM Wednesday, September 7. To hear it later search my name (Heather O’Connor) at for the interview.

Crissa Hewitt and Steve deLuque Photo by Heather O'Connor
Crissa Hewitt and Steve deLuque        Photo by Heather O’Connor

You may take a tiny peak into my tiny studio… in the upper left corner !

A friend, Alyce Broome, is joining me in displaying our artwork. Her oil paintings are aerial views of the California landscapes. Just like a bird would see when flying over our planet!  Visit both of our entries in the ArtsObispo Directory. Just enter Alyce Broome’s name or mine (Heather O’Connor) and you’ll find what we posted for this year’s tour. Be sure to click on my “orchid” to see my other entries.

My acrylic bird paintings on elk hide will include 2 Common Loons, one with a chick on her back, a Painted Bunting, a Canyon Wren, and a Harlequin Duck.  Others may be custom ordered and will benefit the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch.  25% will go to a CalPoly  Biology Scholarship.

Birds on elk hide
Birds and a Monarch butterfly on elk hide

My pastels include a series of seascapes including marine layers, kite festival, rough winter waves and offshore views from Montaña de Oro CA State Park and landscapes of the Nine Sisters in springtime and gnarly trees of the California Central Coast.

And please come visit me at my studio October 8-9 and 15-16, 10AM to 5PM.

Wild Trees
Wild Trees – pastel

Until the next sketch… peace, Heather

Color sketches in pastel…

Recently, I’ve been going out to relax and do a little cross training in my artwork. Normally a detailed drawing with exacting details on the bird or plant are what I did. Now just to go out and do a color sketch has been fun and I can relax with no worries. That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle every so often.

Here are a few drawn at the CalPoly “Leaning Pine Arboretum” that you might enjoy.

Scrub Bottle Tree - Brachychiton discolor, Australia
Scrub Bottle Tree – Brachychiton discolor, Australia


East End of the Arboretum
East End of the Arboretum


Agave stairway
Agave stairway


The lawn
The lawn


Formal Garden with fountain
Formal Garden with fountain


Australian Bottle Tree - Brachychiton rupestris
Australian Bottle Tree – Brachychiton rupestris


Shady grove
Shady grove

These framed arboretum pastels (18″x22″)  will be on exhibit in the Sands Inn and Suites in San Luis Obispo, CA, USA 93401 during the months of May and June 2016. They are available for sale, with prices on request plus shipping unless you pick them up in Morro Bay.

Until the next sketch… peace, Heather

An arboretum series…

Please share my website with your friends…and have them sign up for updates! You’ll never know what might show up.

Since late September, autumn, I’ve been going over to the California Polytechnic State University to draw in the Leaning Pine Arboretum with some friends who are plein air painters.

Leaning Pine Arboretum Photo by Heather O'Connor
Leaning Pine Arboretum                                                                                       Photo by Heather O’Connor

We’re planning an art show at the Morro Bay Art Association, Morro Bay, CA. in March. Lots to do, finish up the pastels that I started, matte and frame several pieces to be judged into the show.

My drawing will be the Art Show invitation. We should be picking up the post cards from the printers soon. More details to come.

Until the next sketch…peace,  Heather