Wrapping up 2016…

After many days doing other things*, I went to Sunny Acres*, a place where people live, farm, chop wood and grow pumpkins, to paint a John Deere 510. Sometimes machinery can have grace and charm. This one did.

John Deere 510 at Sunny Acres
John Deere 510 at Sunny Acres

Then off to see the sea… a view into the glaring light at Avila Beach, CA.

Glaring light
Glaring Light 

Then a view from the top of Black Hill in Morro Bay, one of the nine volcanic peaks forming a string of mountains going into San Luis Obispo.

Bright Light
Bright Light from Black Hill

Until the next sketch…peace, Heather

*things – Recovering from the shocking 2016 Election results and planning my focus on having lots of work to do on healthy lifestyle and healthy planet for all of us. My view is to live and vote with a 100 year perspective in mind.

Sunny Acres is a clean and sober living facility located on the beautiful Central Coast of California. It sits on a 72-acre ranch at the edge of the city limits of San Luis Obispo, CA.