Go plant-based…

Plant Stock 2020

There is an excellent program on your computer right now that I started watching last night. Avoid so many health problems! It runs through the weekend. If you’re willing to spend $97 then you’ll have all the information you can possibly use. Re-watch all the presentations, the ones you want to see again or missed.

If you eat well, you feel well! You are happy, have energy and sleep well.

There is more education here for the rest of your life. Especially for men! I say this because many men depend on the women or partner in their life for what they eat or are too lazy to cook for themselves. Men are just as smart and capable in feeding themselves healthfully. Think about your sex life, your heart, your weight. It’s all about your total health. All information is suitable for men, women and children.

This program is run by the Esselstyn Family Foundation especially Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. M.D. who wrote the book How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Others include the well respected physicians in Lifestyle Medicine. Drs. Klaper, McDougall, Barnard, Greger and many more.

Vegan pizza

So eat it fresh and raw or cook it up. Enjoy your good health. Remember that it has taken you years to create habits that have made you sick, fat and miserable. Jump in 100% or start gradually by including plants in place of the animal products you used to eat day by day. So sign in to Plant Stock 2020 Consider it an education and a prescription for HEALTH !

Let me know if you have registered and watched this Plant Stock 2020. I’d love to hear what you thought about the program and all the reruns. Tell me what you’re eating and cooking too! We need to create a plant-based support group.

Until the next sketch… Peace and health, Heather

P.S. Maybe you thought I forgot some hearty food like grains, legumes and nuts. Wait for my next post, friends.

2 thoughts on “Go plant-based…

  1. Teresa Crowell

    Hi Heather. Good looking food!Yummy.I just wonder about eating fruits and veggies in the same plate.I was told years ago they should be eaten separately as it takes different enzymes to digest fruit than veggies. So it causes the digestion process to slow down.Is this true?Or is it okay to combine them?I love blueberries in my green salad but I usually don’t do it because of what I was told.Let me know your thoughts when you get a moment, please.Blessings,Teresa

    1. Good questions! That is why I continually follow reputable research to find out the most recent information. Years ago I was told I needed yogurt for calcium and now that’s not true. I can eat dark leafy greens like a cow does. I don’t want to eat dairy because the milk from cows is for their calves not humans. I gave up some things that seemed to make sense at the time for example: combine foods to get all the amino acids required as mentioned in Diet for a Small Planet. I will say that book did get me started on eating a plant-based diet in many ways. So we’ll just have to keep educating ourselves. Dr. Greger is a person who often has ideas where we might find a good answer. Thanks for your comment!

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