They are our comfort food. They looked like candy. What a peculiar idea!

The day I bought the potatoes, just a few of the over 100 varieties, I saw the colors and was happy to plop them down on my wooden chest for a pastel sketch. As I worked they looked more delicious as time passed. The varied colors and diverse sizes were an indication of how we can become enthralled with them.

Eating these colorful and nutritious tubers offer vitamins galore along with a satisfying feeling of having something filling and tasty to eat. An excellent source of vitamin C and B6 along with more potassium than a banana. They are fat, sodium and cholesterol free. So they must be healthful! Just don’t cook them in grease or put fatty and salty things on them. No milk or butter. That is what does the damage to our bodies. Remember, the fat you eat is the fat you wear. So true for me as I got older and had no idea that is what was happening. I loved eating potatoes with meat with fat rippled through it, loved dipping my bread in the gravy under a roast and eating chicken which has a huge quantity of fat in it.

Meat and potatoes had become a standard concept. Over the years, I had misconstrued ideas about “protein” which I considered meat to be. Ideas that dairy and meat were good for me and I needed to eat it with my fruits and vegetables. It is what I heard in the news. When I started having high blood pressure, a doctor never asked what I ate. I was only told that I should take a pill to lower my blood pressure. HUH?! Why would I be told that? Oh, the pharmaceutical lobbies wanted me to take a pill for the rest of my life so they could make money on my ignorance about high blood pressure. Guess what… A lifestyle change and potatoes are really good at lowering high blood pressure and much less expensive. Disclaimer: Remember, if you are on blood pressure medicine, the change in diet is not a quick fix. So check with your doctor first.

Just having read the book Proteinaholic * by Garth Davis, M.D., I realized that I didn’t have the correct idea about protein. Actually, no one in the USA who has enough food is protein deficient. There is protein in broccoli and other vegetables, potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, kasha, millet, all colors of beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruit. So I no longer need meat or dairy (a subject for another day). I have plenty of protein in my plant foods.

So back to my healthful potatoes… I love them baked with broccoli on top, covered with vegetable chili or mashed with mushroom gravy. What I also like to do is to just have them plain. I bake them so I might be able to grab one to eat as a snack when I’m hungry. Microwaving them takes just a few minutes depending on size. When I boil them, they are easy to use in other recipes such as adding them to salads to give a satiating component.

What will you do you with your next potatoes? Draw them, bake them, boil them or throw them in a soup? Whatever… enjoy them!

Until the next sketch…peace and good health, Heather

*Two excellent podcasts by Howard Jacobson on the book, Proteinaholic, by Garth Davis, MD and Howard Jacobson, PhD. They are found on plantyourself.com as podcast #122 . An interview with Garth Davis, MD is on and earlier podcast #059

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