During a cold and frosty winter, a brilliant color that evokes the warmth and freshness of summer or a trip to Florida or California. Peeling an orange makes my fingers juicy and sticky just to separate the sections to pop into my mouth. A big squirt of orange juice is a delightful way to add in some Vitamin C which can lessen the chance of getting sick. It is one of the most delicious fruits. Just don’t try to eat one while you’re on a computer, iPad or iPhone!

Dr. Michael Greger discusses the value of apples and oranges in this short video.

So going to the market, I’ll choose a variety fruits and vegetables. It’s funny that I write about something that we have known about for years, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Skip the processed and fast food that has snuck in to our pantries and way of thinking. Factories have created processed food that appeals to our senses of salty, sweet, buttery. Or should I say SOS (sugar, oil, salt) which I now consider dangerous to my health. Now, I’m leaning towards more fresh fruits and vegetables since there is less work. Then it’s not hard to cook a few grains (rice, potatoes, quinoa, millet or kasha) to put my vegetables on! A pot of beans soaked overnight then cooked in my Instant Pot makes a super addition to my meal. The excess I freeze in pint jars to save for later. Canned beans or chickpeas are fine too, if you rinse off the excess of  salt.

Come join me, Heather

P.S. Join Howard Jacobson in for his latest podcast or one of many others that he has produced on all sorts of useful topics. This week he chose the topic of “Vanquishing Procrastination.”

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