New artwork…

It’s spring and I’m ready to show you a few more pictures!

Santa Barbara fire colors flow north – Pastel

The one of the biggest fires in California’s history raged and drove towards Santa Barbara, CA and the nearby wealthy area of Montecito.  As it did, the sky over the Morro Bay State Park turned colors!

This will be in my Open Studio Tour shown along with other pastels and oils. Some a bit more calm and peaceful like this one below.

Southside light on one of the Morros – Pastel

Morning light always pleases the Nine Sisters, a group of volcanic eruptions in San Luis Obispo County. I live at the most western end of one. It’s Morro Bay well known for Morro Rock.

Until the next sketch, Heather

3 thoughts on “New artwork…

    1. Thank you, Lynn. I’m looking forward to getting out into the rolling green hills soon. It’s so gorgeous here even though I loved the purple, peach, pink sky due to the tragedy south of me!

  1. Lynn Fields

    I sure understand, we are in a heatwave since last week, with fires in the north bay, Lake & Yolo Counties. Smaller fires to the east of us. We have no sunrises or sunsets, they are clouded by smoke on either side of us. We are in no danger, but the North wind is blowing smoke our way and we can smell the smoke.. I prayer for all those affected by these fires. When I was still bicycle riding, I rode in all of these area.

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