A few orchids…

During the Open Studios Tour in October, I showed several pieces of artwork that are not pastels. Orchids !   Watercolors and colored pencils suited their brilliance. Only a fascination with orchids stirred me to share these with visitors. Here are what they saw…


Five Orchids

A closer view of the Vanda sp.

Vanda sp.

A view of the Odontoglossum sp.

Odontoglossum sp.

And a look at the Burrageara intergentic…

Burrageara intergenetic

Looking for more orchids to draw and paint…maybe in oils or pastels. Their brilliant color always make me feel so good in winter.

Until the next sketch… peace, Heather

2 thoughts on “A few orchids…

  1. Doris Froehlich

    These are fantastic! Were they done in colored pencil? You are such a sensitive artist! I see these orchids in a new light. Doris

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    1. Heather O'Connor

      Thank you, Doris. The orchids were first drawn in pencil, then watercolored. The details were finished with Prismacolor colored pencils. A trip to the Big Island and the availability of so many varieties of orchids was a treat. Hybridizing orchids makes for so many different forms… shapes and colors. I could do it again sometime!

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