Marine layers…

This summer has been quite delightful if you like fog. Growing up in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, I did get to experience fog frequently, but it’s quite different here in Morro Bay, California. All summer long as the inland valleys swelter, the Pacific Ocean cools the Central Coast of California.

Cold Pacific Ocean water and hot air over the land collide to produce vapors that hang around for at least a half a day.

Morro Bay Estuary
Morro Bay Estuary                                                                                                                      © Pastel 12″x16″

It sneaks fingers of soft white over the rolling hills, the Morro Bay Estuary and two or three of the Nine Sisters Peaks within a few miles of the coastline.

Marine Layer Covered Cabrillo Peak Pastel 12"x16"
Marine Layer Covered Cerro Cabrillo                                                                                    © Pastel 12″x16″

It looms over Morro Rock like a halo or fluffy bonnet, but sometimes smothering it almost completely.

Morro Rock in The Marine Layer Fog
Morro Rock in The Marine Layer Fog                                                                                    © Pastel 12″x16″

Looking towards Los Osos over the bay, I saw cool air and warmer water colliding in the early morning making a very mysterious  floating vapor that transfixed me for quite a while. I just had to get my pastels to see if I could capture the vapors rising. In the distance, the landscape rose into more of the morning mists.

Steaming Pickleweed Marshes Pastel 12"x16"
Steaming Pickleweed Marshes                                                                                                   © Pastel 12″x16″

Until the next sketch…peace, Heather


9 thoughts on “Marine layers…

    1. Heather O'Connor

      So glad you enjoyed my “marine layers.” I just had to make use of the unique weather I continue to see rolling in. Painters are always looking for sunshine. They really don’t like the whiteness and greyness. I noticed other people were bothered by the fog, but then I started to see it as something very special. It is here to enjoy as it changes shapes and creeps over the land. I rather like it because it’s different! I’ve always liked the unique and atypical! ~Heather

    1. Heather O'Connor

      Thank you Anne. I do love the fog. I’m going to hang them in my studio for the Open Studios Tour, October 8-9, 15-16. It’s fun to share my artwork with visitors. Next post, I’ll tell more about this event. ~Heather

    1. Heather O'Connor

      Thank you. You’re quite right about the extremes of weather within just a few miles! Exploring the coastline going north and south between Baja and Canada has shown me the best of it all. I love being out of doors to experience it all. ~Heather

    1. Heather O'Connor

      Thanks, Jo. Which blog is Susan’s? Been busy getting ready for the “Open Studio Tour” in October… ~Heather

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