Setting out…

Adam's first passport photo
Adam’s first passport photo

My son, Adam, grew up and headed west, leaving Pennsylvania for Colorado in his sapphire blue Ford F 150 with his motorcycle, all liver German Shorthaired Pointer and a duffle of clothes. Many months later, I left to see what he’d gotten himself into… It was just enough for me to start exploring again. So I got out numerous maps and started driving. Each state had a “Welcome Visitors” center, so I stopped in, picked up a state map and often found good deals on places to stay. Having left the county seat of Bucks County, Doylestown, I drove in the summertime and loved the seemingly endless days so I could stay on the road for as long as possible. Leaving the crowded busy towns of eastern Pennsylvania and passing from the oh, so green and rolling Appalachians, I saw the country change. The trees stared disappearing after West Virginia, fewer in Ohio.

So out came the sketch book again…

Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado
Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado
Mountains, very steep ones
Mountains, very steep ones

Returning home a trip through the Badlands of South Dakota.

Badlands, South Dakota
Badlands, South Dakota

Had to head home after a visit with Adam. I’m so glad that he went West so I could explore much of the USA that I’d never seen before.

Until the next sketch…peace,  Heather

5 thoughts on “Setting out…

    1. Heather O'Connor

      Thanks, Karen. I always had so much fun sketching all the new locations that I visited. I got to know the USA in a better way and now have a history of where I was along with some people I met.

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